Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I Love Pinterest!

I'm not very good at social media. I usually have flurries of activity where I'm tweeting and posting things on my Facebook page everyday, then I drop off the grid. Sometimes it's because I'm knee deep in a writing project, sometimes it's because I'm busy with real life stuff but the rest of the time I'm not sure what happens. Do I forget? Do I have nothing interesting to say? Have I been abducted by aliens? Possibly. But when conventional methods fail there is always another shiny new social media outlet to tempt me and this week, it's Pinterest.

"But Claire," I hear you telling me. "Pinterest isn't new. It's been around for ages."

"I know," I say, hanging my head. "But I thought it was just a bunch of people posting recipes and wedding dresses."

So yes, that was the extend of my interest in Pinterest. It was non existent. After all, I have no need for recipes since I don't cook and I'm not exactly a dress kind of girl. But one day last week I read a blog post (sorry but I don't remember whose blog it was) about how great Pinterest was for authors and decided to check it out.

What I found was an endless parade of pictures, great pictures, awesome pictures. So I created a board for my book My Deliberate Mistake and I started pinning things. Photos of lakes, drowning girls, pills. It was so cool! I was able to pin gorgeously haunting pictures of the Olsen twins. Even though they don't really act any more because they are busy being brilliant business moguls, I still think they would be perfect to play Ana and Julia in the movie adaptation. It was like creating a story board for my book and I loved every minute of it. (I also wasted a couple of hours in which I should have been writing but never mind!)

I love Pinterest! I think it may turn out to be a great tool for writers block. I can pin things for my work in progress and get ideas for where the story is going. It also lets me show you what's going on in my head when I write the book. Things I visualize about the story. But the cool thing is that the things I visualize may not be the same things you do and that is what makes reading so great.

So I encourage you to make your own My Deliberate Mistake boards. Pin things that you thought of while you read the story. Maybe we'll even pin some of the same things. Two minds momentarily joined through reading and writing!

I have a new board for my soon to be released crime thriller but right now it's secret. Don't worry though, I'll be revealing it soon. I can't wait to share it with you!


  1. Cool! Just checked out your interest page! :)

  2. It's really addictive. I'm having so much fun!

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