Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Clubbin'

Last night I attended my first ever book club. Now I've never been to a book club either as an author or a reader but I am a huge Absolutely Fabulous fan so naturally I assumed book club might go something like this :

And it did. Just kidding. 

Book club was awesome. The ladies of the Lit Chicks were a rocking bunch. They had so may questions and as many of you already know, I don't have the answers! But I am busy on the sequel so there will be answers soon. 

I love hearing different peoples opinions on the book. As I reader I know that the things I take away from a book aren't always the same things someone else will. Reading is a deeply personal experience and I believe that we also project our own thoughts, feelings and life experiences onto the text. 

But I have to say that the ladies of the Lit Chicks were pretty spot on with their observations of My Deliberate Mistake. And it didn't hurt that there was a sex therapist (hi Joe Ann!) in the group who concurred that Ana's sexual behavior was spot on for someone as damaged as her and that the sex was hot. That pretty much made my evening alone!

So thanks to Suzanne for organizing this and to all the ladies of the Lit Chicks. You guys rock! Thanks for having me.

Oh and did I mention there was cake?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Tangerine Killer Lives

Late last night I pressed the button on The Tangerine Killer and by this morning the book was live. This meant I just made my deadline since I said I'd be releasing the book in late May. Very late May. That was a close one!

Anyone who's published on Amazon knows how addictive it is to keep checking your KDP dashboard, hoping beyond hope that the sales numbers will soar. Well, today there was less soaring and more of a dead sort of bob. Kind of like a dying fish. Yes, today's sales consisted of me (because you always have to buy your own book, right?) and my Mom. Not exactly a stampede was it? But that's okay. It's what happens when you are first starting out. Nobody knows who I am or what my writing is like. My prose could read like those instructions you get in the furniture you have to put together yourself for all my prospective readers know. Why would you take a chance on someone whose book might be less entertaining than a cereal box? I don't know.

What I do know is that this isn't a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race. And I love writing. I'd do it even if it was only my Mom reading my books. Even if nobody read them. Why? Well because writing gives my life purpose. It's something I believe in. It's what I have to hold on to. And when someone who isn't related to me reads one of my books and gets it, well there is no feeling quite like it!

I should add that since The Tangerine Killer is enrolled in select I did have one borrow today. So thank you random borrower. I hope you enjoy it!

Also in celebration of this new release, my short story Beneath Paper Cranes will be free tomorrow on Amazon so if you haven't picked up a copy yet, here is your chance.

If you like reading crime thrillers, you can check out The Tangerine Killer here :