Monday, May 13, 2013

The Tangerine Killer Is Coming!

She escaped once. Swore nothing would make her go back. She was wrong.

There are some places you should never go back to. For private investigator Sam Weber, that place is Tangerine. The cop she killed in self-defense. The mother who tells everyone she’s dead. That past is buried nicely under years of denial and drinking.

But a body lies by the river. The friend Sam once called her sister. Bait designed to lure her back and plans set in motion to make sure she stays. Paired with the annoyingly handsome Detective Olin, together they’ll sift through her friend’s train wreck of a life. But digging into the past can be a dangerous thing and Sam would rather gouge her eyes out than examine her own. She’d rather just go home and forget about the death threats.

Only the Tangerine killer isn't going to let that happen. A severed finger in a pretty box says sorry for the explosion that nearly killed you. The corpse with the carving left on Sam’s bed, a taste of what’s to come. He plans to cut a dream catcher out of her skin and to stop him, she’ll finally have to face the real reason she got the hell out of Tangerine.

Coming late May 2013!

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